Me, Myself, and I


2 hours

This one-on-one workshop will facilitate you through a process of crafting a company vision, mission and values statements. As the company grows, these statements will not only help you stay focused on your company’s purpose, but will also aid in recruiting the right people to help you achieve your goals. This session can be run remotely online.

One-on-one business visioning over lunch with the lovely _lichenandleaf ! She makes the most beautif

Strategic Planning

3 hours

This one-on-one workshop focuses on helping you craft a strategic plan for your next 1-3 years of operating. The outcomes of this workshop will include clarity on your stakeholders and their needs, needed mentors or support, product/service and financial goals, as well as a timeline and action plan. This workshop is most useful for new businesses, but can be done yearly by any business in order to ensure goals and targets are strategically aligned. This session can be run remotely online.