Scaling (20-50 Staff)

Annual Strategic Planning

3 hours

This workshop gives you and your rapidly growing team a chance to review and update a strategic plan for your next 3-5 years of operating. The outcomes of this workshop will include clarity on your stakeholders and their needs, needed roles, product/service and financial goals, as well as a timeline and action plan. Participating in this workshop annually will help ensure that your company goals and targets are strategically aligned. It can be done with a small core team of management or a larger team of project leads up to 15 people. This session can be run remotely online.


Annual Culture Review

2-3 hours

This group workshop gives your team a chance to check-in on your company’s culture roadmap, which includes an evaluation on the current core and accidental values, refining the characteristics of your ultimate employee, as well as an action plan for implementing your aspirational values. By devoting time and energy to keeping your staff and company culture aligned, you will not only be increasing their buy-in to the business, but will also ensure you've got the right people on your team as you are in the crucial scaling phase.  It can be done with a small core team of management or for your whole team in small groups. This session can be run remotely online.


2-4 hours

This whole team session builds on principles of experiential learning to offer an interactive and highly engaging experience that will improve your team’s communication, trust and creativity, as well as revisit tools for conflict resolution and effective teamwork. By devoting time and energy to your staff in this way, you will show how much you value them and you will have the chance to address the changing dynamics of your staff as you are scaling your products or services. This can be done in smaller project groups or as one large group, and either at your office on-site, at an off-site retreat or remotely online.

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Reflection & Problem Solving

2-4 hours

This workshop will engage your team in addressing operational challenges, and deal with issues before they become deal breakers for any of your customers or staff. By openly discussing the root of any issues, the team will be able to reflect, uncover and address operational or personnel issues which are slowing down productivity or threatening the cohesiveness of the team by brainstorming solutions and developing an action plan for moving forward. This workshop can be done with a smaller project or management team, or as a larger group of up to 15 people. This session can also be run remotely online.

Leadership Training


These sessions are run with a small internal group of up to 12 people who want to build their personal and business leadership skills. The session(s) are tailored in length and content to your needs and can explore topics such as personal mastery and growth, leadership styles, effective communication, conflict resolution, performance management and motivating others. These sessions can be run remotely online.