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Leadership Training

We design and run leadership training programs to develop business and community leadership skills in youth and adults. From short workshops to longer term programs, we tailor the length and content to the participants. Programs can explore topics such as leadership and communication styles, personal strengths and areas to grow, or goal setting and action planning. These sessions can be run remotely online.

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Facilitation Training

We design and run workshops to train facilitators in experiential education and high impact learning. Whether working with groups of students, educators, or youth facilitators we create powerful tailored workshops that provide tools, models, and practices for facilitation skills such as presentation, group management, sequencing, reflection and evaluation.



We design and facilitate workshops and training in art education and professional development for art practitioners and professionals.  We offer theory, models and activities to help train teachers, artists, curators, and arts organizations in using art as a tool for personal and group development.