Strategic Planning

These visioning sessions are for high level projects such as strategic planning or at the operational project level to help address desired changes in systems such as human resources or donor relations. We use interactive tools and models to engage individuals or groups of 2-20 people at all levels of the organization in a fun and highly productive session. This session can be run remotely online.

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Community Building

Building on principles of experiential learning, these highly engaging community building workshops or retreats are designed for your growing team. Depending on the needs of your organization, sessions can be tailored to include objectives such as trust building, improved communication, conflict resolution, or boosting team creativity. These interactive workshops can be run on-site or as an off-site retreat for groups of 3-50 people.

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Problem Solving

These workshops give your staff a chance to reflect, uncover and address operational or personnel issues which are slowing down productivity or threatening the cohesiveness of the team. By providing tools and creating an open environment where issues can be discussed, teams of 2-20 people can work together through issues to come up with solutions and action plans to move forward. This session can be run remotely online.